RX3i PacSystem

GE Rx3i PacSystems controllers consist of high speed processors, universal backplanes, logic ladder, communications, discrete, analog and special modules. Rx3i is programmed and configured using Proficy Machine Edition.

Showing 1-10 of 12 item(s)

Showing 1-10 of 12 item(s)

IC695CRU320 GE Fanuc

Redundant CPU. 1GHz, 64MB Memory with 2 Serial Ports
Price ₹509,108.59

IC695CPK330 GE Fanuc

1 GHz processing speed, 64 Mbytes memory, 2 Ethernet Interfaces (LAN 1 & LAN2)
Price ₹356,376.01

IC695CPE330 Ge Rx3i Cpu

Dual Core 1G Controller CPU Requires and Energy PAC for RAM memory backup with no power to system
Price ₹330,920.58

IC695CPU315 Ge Rx3i

64 Megabytes user logic memory, 1GHz processor speed
Price ₹288,494.87

IC695CMU310 GE Fanuc

IC695CMU310 RX3i Redundant High Availability CPU with two built-in serial ports. Supports the Max-ON IC695C...
Price ₹228,250.35

IC695CPE310 Ge Fanuc

IC695CPE310 1.1 GHz Atom processor, 10 MB of memory.Processing Speed:1.1 GHz. CPU Memory:10 Mbytes. Floating Point: Yes. Power Requirements: 3.3...
Price ₹227,401.84

IC695CPE305 GE Fanuc

IC695CPE305 1 GHz CPU GE Fanuc PACSystems RX3i Series with an RS-232 serial port, Ethernet interface, as well as 5 MB RAM (user memory) and 5 MB of...
Price ₹173,945.44

IC695CPE302 GE Fanuc

IC695CPE302 has 2MB of storage, 16k bits discrete I/O, and 16k words for analog I/O.  CPE302 offers external field agent support, and ethernet...
Price ₹120,913.29