SIMATIC S5 is the automation system that has been tested for many years with excellent results, offering a wide range of programmable controllers, intelligent peripherals, software solutions and much more.

  • SIMATIC S5-90U
  • SIMATIC S5-95U
  • SIMATIC S5-101U
  • SIMATIC S5-100U
  • SIMATIC S5-105
  • SIMATIC S5-110
  • SIMATIC S5-115
  • SIMATIC S5-115U
  • SIMATIC S5-135U
  • SIMATIC S5-155U

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Showing 1-10 of 189 item(s)
6ES5544-3UA11 Siemens...
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6ES5544-3UA11 Siemens Simatic S5 Cp 544

SIMATIC S5, CP 544 faster communication proc. for point-to-point connections (serial data connection) for S5-115U/H-135U-155U/H
Price ₹149,349.00