WiAutomation (World Industrial Automation) is part of the multinational group WiA which boasts over 20 years of experience in the industrial sector, founded in Italy and then became one of the world leaders in the international market of spare parts for industrial automation.The WiA Group is a "People Company" that has collaborators in 15 countries including Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia. In 2013 WiAutomation achieved such a business expansion to have warehouses in 4 world countries, so as to satisfy the huge demands for daily material of the most important industrial companies.

Wiautomation operates internationally with its own staff, means and equipment, or with the collaboration of high-level partners.Helping customers to resolve machine downtime is a prerogative of our company, aware that the interruption of production is economic damage. We offer fast solutions thanks to the commercial partnerships and to all the human and technical values of our team, we provide constant help with a consequent and significant increase in the production efficiency of the plants.

Our services have received 93% positive feedback over the past year.

WiAutomation offers comprehensive supply and repair services for PLC systems, Servomotors, HMI's, screens, motors, System tools for CNC machines and robots from all major manufacturers.

Immediate solutions also for the most demanding customers thanks to the wide availability of discontinued products.

The values and technical skills behind our successes.

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